Personal Articles Insurance

Many insurance policies cover some of the items inside of the policyholder’s home, but they don’t cover all the articles that are in there. Some personal items may still be left uncovered. That’s when personal articles insurance comes in handy. A homeowner may be interested in purchasing this type of coverage if he or she has valuable items in the house that may not be protected by the average policy.

Who It’s For

This type of coverage is for any person who wants to protect items in his or her home that other policies leave out of their coverage. Someone may want to protect a jewelry collection or a set of furniture, for example. This coverage is the perfect kind to do that.

How It Works

All policies have a premium that the policyholders must pay to maintain the coverage. This type of policy is no different. The client pays a monthly premium amount to maintain coverage, and the policy protects his or her items until an incident occurs. Once an incident occurs, it’s the customer’s responsibility to file a claim with the provider. The provider may ask for receipts to assess the value of the personal articles, and it may require the client to complete a police report if theft played a role in the claim filing. If the provider deems the claim valid, it will write a check so that the customer can replace the lost or damaged items.

The amount of coverage on personal articles policy depends on the provider and the customer’s wishes. Policies can vary from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The provider will give the person the maximum coverage if the customer says that he or she wants that much and can afford the premiums.

The Benefits of the Coverage

These policies have great benefits, and one of them is that the policyholder can feel safe leaving his or her items at home. If anything happens, that person knows that he or she can contact the insurance company and try to recover the losses and replace the items.