Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is a unique policy that covers people who have rental properties. These landlords need special coverage that protects them in certain situations, so they buy landlord coverage. The coverage benefits landlords by giving them a way to recover their funds if some unexpected incidents occur.

Landlord protection covers a wide variety of situations and items. One situation that it covers is renter default. In other words, it can provide the landlord with a payout if one of his or her tenants defaults on the rent. Other situations that this type of coverage may help with are situations such as:


The insurance will help to restore funds to the landlord if someone enters the tenant’s dwelling and commits a robbery. Robberies are always unforeseen incidents, so it’s best for a landlord to have this protection in place at all times.


Theft is another situation that landlord coverage handles. It covers items that get stolen from the dwelling. For example, a landlord may offer a tenant a furnished home with furnitures such as couches and beds. The insurance will replace those couches and beds if an incident of theft occurs.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters often occur without much warning. Landlord policies cover those incidents, as well. They protect the landlord’s investment in natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tornados.

Landlord policies work as many other policies do. The insured party must pay a monthly premium to maintain the coverage he or she receives. If anything happens, the person must file a claim with the insurance company and most likely pay a deductible, as well. Once the insured party pays the deductible, the insurance company steps in and covers what it needs to cover. The landlord receives the funds necessary to recover assets and purchase new ones.

Landlords choose the type of coverage they want based on the value of their homes and assets. Premiums can vary significantly because of this.

The major benefit of landlord coverage is the peace of mind it gives the person who owns the properties. Landlords can relax and rent in peace knowing that they will be taken care of if anything happens.