Golf Cart Insurance

Do you use your golf cart just on the course from green to green? Or do you have a gated community or condominium complex where you drive the golf cart in the neighborhood? Regardless of your use, it is best to have insurance to protect both you and the golf cart.

Do you need golf cart insurance?

Specialty insurance will cover you and the cart for any non-commercial location and purpose. Your homeowners insurance most likely will not cover the golf cart.

Who is it for?

Some states require insurance on golf carts, especially for liability, so be sure to check your state’s laws or ask your agent to determine if that insurance is required where you live.

How the insurance works

Even if it is not a legal requirement to buy this insurance, it might become well worthwhile if your golf cart causes any serious injuries or damage in an accident or your cart gets damaged or stolen.

Different types of coverage

* Property damage liability if you damage someone’s property.
* Bodily injury if you injure someone.
* Guest passenger liability pays for injuries to passengers in the cart.
* Uninsured/underinsured bodily injury covers injuries by another driver with inadequate insurance, and the property damage is for damages by such a driver.
* Comprehensive pays to repair or replace your golf cart if it is vandalized or stolen or there is glass breakage, it is damaged in a fire, in an act of nature, or if you hit an animal.
* Collision will pay for repairs or replacement if you are in an accident with another golf cart or a vehicle or an object on the street.
* Medical payments pay for your or your passenger’s hospital bills, and coverage is vital if there is no health insurance.
* Accessory coverage is for upgrades on the cart.
* Legal fees and court costs are covered up to the policy limits.

Major benefits

* An agent can answer your coverage questions and help you find the types of protection that you need.

* It is important to understand what your policy covers and how to submit a claim, so have your agent explain those matters in detail.

* Check with your insurer to see if you can reasonably add on an endorsement to your existing homeowners or auto insurance policy to cover the golf cart.

What is the average cost of the insurance?

The rates vary depending on the selected coverages, the make and model of the golf cart, and your age and driving history. Also, you might get a safe driving discount if you have had no accidents or vehicle violations in the past three years. Usually the best bet is a discount from the company that you already have your home, auto, boat, and/or RV insurance with.